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Rules and Guidelines

Chantilly Little League Tee Ball/Coach Pitch Rules and Guidelines are designed to encourage participation in a game and to further the player’s love of the game.

  • Chantilly Little League Youth Baseball is non-competitive
  • Score keeping is not allowed
  • Players should concentrate on having fun and learning the game
  • There are no strike outs or walks
  • Just like in real baseball, a defensive play is made when a fly ball is caught, or a base runner is tagged or forced out at any base. In cases where a defensive play is made, in the spirit of keeping the game fun for all players, the baserunner will be allowed to stay on the base he/she was approaching.

Game Conduct

  • All players will play in the field every inning
  • Batting orders can change every inning
  • All players will play in the infield and outfield during a game
  • Player can only play 1st base for one inning during a game
  • Do not use the same 3 people at 1st base every game
  • Players are encouraged to make outs while fielding


  • Tee Ball and Coach Pitch games must end no later than 1 hour and 30 minutes from the scheduled start time, regardless of the inning.
  • Each player will come to bat and play defensively every inning.
  • The last batter will continue running until they reach home plate. Defensive players shall remain in the field until last batter/baserunner  has reached home plate
  • An arc 10 feet from home will indicate the distance a batted ball must travel to be considered a fair ball.
  • An arc of 40 feet from home will indicate the beginning point where defensive players can be positioned. No more than 2 players are permitted on the arc.
  • The offensive coach will check to ensure the batter, defensive players, and defensive coaches are ready. The coach will place the ball on the tee and announce “Play Ball.”
  • A team that has fewer players than the other team will be permitted to take extra at bats to equalize the offense.
  • The tee should be removed from home plate every time a hit in fair territory occurs and there is a runner advancing home from third base.
  • Base runners cannot advance on an overthrow to any base.
  • No more than three coaches should be on the field to assist defensive players.
  • Coaches should not interfere with the game unless safety is an issue.
  • There should be a player assigned to play 1st, 2nd, SS and 3rd base. No player should be positioned in the base path.
  • There is no catcher position.
  • All players assigned to the outfield shall be positioned in the grass at least 10’ beyond the infield dirt when the pitch is delivered.
  • Players may not attempt to record outs at home plate; outs may only be recorded or attempted at first, second, or third base.
  • Play ends when the umpire announces dead ball or a defensive player:
    • demonstrates control of the ball in the infield;
    • makes a play at 1st, 2nd, or 3rd base;or
    • returns the ball from the outfield to the infield.

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