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Coach Pitch is for players who have completed a season of Tee Ball (age 6) or are league age 7. Coaches pitch a soft, safety ball to players (a tee is used if the batter is unable to hit the pitches) while fielders learn to field the ball and throw to any appropriate base. Every player bats and plays the field in each inning. Players begin to learn the concept of force outs and the position of catcher. Coach piitch team rosters are kept small (typically 5-6 players) to maximize fielding and hitting opportunites for each player.

Rules and Guidelines

Coach Pitch games are more like real baseball than T-Ball. Unlike T-Ball, games in Coach Pitch are 4 innings long. The teams hit until they score 5 runs or the defensive team makes 3 outs.

  • Each batter will be given (5) five soft pitches from the pitching coach. If the batter is unable to hit one of the (5) five pitches, the batter will then hit the ball from the Tee. The batter will swing until he/she hits a fair ball.
  • Just like in real baseball, a defensive play is made when a fly ball is caught, or a base runner is tagged or forced out at any base. When a player is called out, they must leave the field of play.

Game Conduct

  • The catcher will start each play at the backstop and cannot move up to home plate until the ball is hit. The coach is responsible for ensuring the catcher is properly positioned.
  • With a right handed batter, the catcher will line up to the right of the back stop.
  • With a left handed batter, the catcher will line up to the left of the backstop.
  • Be realistic with base running. Treat the running like you would a real baseball game.
  • A player who hits the ball into the outfield does not have to stop at 1st Base. However, if the outfielder is holding the ball near the base, you probably wouldn’t send a runner in the higher leagues.
  • Do not advance runners on an overthrow.
  • Players are not allowed to slide at any base.
  • Stealing bases and leading off bases are not allowed.
  • Runners will leave the base if they are out.
  • Play stops when an infielder, in the infield boundaries, has possession of the ball.
  • The last batter in the inning will continue to run until the catcher has possession of the ball at home plate.
  • Encourage your players to throw the ball to the catcher.
  • Defensive players will stay away from the baselines until the player has reached home plate.


  • When hitting, you are allowed 3 coaches on the field: 1) pitching; 2) at 1st base; 3) at 3rd Base.
  • When hitting, you must have a coach assigned to keep order at the bench.
  • When fielding, you are allowed 3 coaches on the field: two in the outfield and one in the infield who will stand behind infielders.
  • All other coaches must stay near the bench.

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