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Triple A (AAA)

Triple-A (AAA) is an Intermediate Player Pitch for baseball players, ages 8-11. Participants must tryout and are subject to a draft for placement. Only those players deemed advanced enough to play in AAA will be drafted into AAA. Managers will determine selection of players into the AAA Division. If not selected, they would then be placed into the AA draft pool.


  • 2 hour 10 minutes hard stop from scheduled start time
  • 5 run limit for innings 1-5, unlimited for 6th inning
  • Bunting permitted (lost art – must teach!)
  • No player sits out 2 innings defensively before all players have sat for 1 inning
  • Stealing permitted
    • Stop the dancing at bases to distract pitchers – just play ball
  • Intentional walks allowed

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