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Double A (AA)

Double-A (AA) is an Introduction to player pitch for baseball players aged 8-9. Seven-year old players with advanced skills may be approved for play as approved by the Chantilly Little League Board of Directors. Participants must tryout and are subject to a draft for placement. Only those players deemed advanced enough to play in AA will be drafted into AA. There are no walks permitted; after the pitcher throws four balls, a coach from the team on offense will pitch for the remainder of the at-bat until the player puts a ball in play or strikes out. CYA LL provides paid youth umpires for games at this level.


  • 2 hour 10 minutes hard stop from scheduled start time
  • 4 run limit for innings 1-5, unlimited for 6th inning
  • No bunting
  • No walks – coach of team hitting finishes at-bat after 4 balls
    • Strike count remains when coach pitches
    • Coach must throw from the rubber
    • Throw straight, flat, fast pitches (no slow pitch softball stuff)
    • Can be any coach (manager or assistant)
  • No player sits out 2 innings defensively before all players have sat 1 inning
  • Stealing of 2nd and 3rd permitted, maximum of 1 base per pitch
  • Not allowed on catcher’s return throw to the pitcher
  • No stealing of home
  • Stop the dancing at bases to distract pitchers – just play ball

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