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Single A (A) or Machine Pitch (MP)

Single-A (A), or Machine Pitch (MP), is for baseball players aged 7 and 8. Six-year old players may be eligible to play provided they have played Tee Ball and Coach Pitch and are approved by the Chantilly Little League Board of Directors. CYA LL provides a Blue Flame pitching machine which is used to "pitch" to the players with the goal being to provide consistent strikes from a normal pitching distance. Players will see up to five strikes per at bat and fielders will have the opportunity to field the ball and make the appropriate play.

Rules and Guidelines

Team rosters typically contain 10-12 players
The game must end no later than 1 hour and 45 minutes from the scheduled start time, regardless of the inning.
All bat lineup and no player shall sit out a second time until all other players have sat out at-least once. No player shall sit out a third time until all other players have sat out at-least twice.

Playing Rules

Little League baseball rules will be followed except as modified below.

  • If a batter unintentionally throws a bat, the home plate umpire will defer to the manager of the player to take corrective action. If a player intentionally throws a bat, the player will immediately be removed from the game for the remainder of that game.
  • Leading off from any base is not permitted.
  • Base stealing is not permitted and runners may not advance on a passed ball.
  • Runners may not advance on any overthrows to any base.
  • When playing on a field that is not completely enclosed, an overthrown ball at first or third base that travels beyond the sideline fence will be considered a dead ball and the base runners will be awarded one base.
  • If a defensive player blocks a base except when in possession of the ball and making a play then obstruction will be called and the runner will be granted one base.
  • A base runner advancing to any base must attempt to avoid a collision with a defensive player. A base runner that makes no attempt to avoid a collision by sliding or taking other evasive action will be called out.
  • A player or an adult coach may serve as a base coach at first and third bases. If it is a player then he/she must wear a protective batting helmet.
  • Every player present for the game will remain in the batting order and will bat in his/her spot whether or not that player is in the field during that or the previous inning. If a player must leave the game early or is injured then his/her spot may be skipped with no penalty. An injured player may return to the game but must reenter in his/her original spot in the batting order.
  • No player shall sit out more than one inning until every other player sits out one inning; no player shall sit out two innings until all players sit two innings, and so forth. However, when a player arrives after the game has started then that player is not subject to these participation rules. Give ample consideration to playing time for players arriving late.
  • The start time is when the defensive team takes the field in the top of the first inning. Both coaches shall confirm the start time with each other when the game begins. Teams must leave the field and dugout area thirty minutes before the start time of the next scheduled game.
  • The visiting team is listed first and the home team is listed second on game schedules. For example: Orioles vs. Nationals – the Orioles are the visitors and occupy the third base bench and the Nationals are the home team and occupy the first base bench.
  • Games that are started but suspended because of inclement weather or darkness may be rescheduled if less than four full innings are completed. The game will continue where the original game was suspended. Any game that completes four full innings is considered a complete game and will not be rescheduled for completion. For rescheduled incomplete games, all participation rules apply as if the game had not been suspended.
  • It is required that teams have a minimum of nine players present from the team's roster to start the game. A team that has less than nine players must follow the “Temporary Replacement Players” process outlined in Section 7.2.1.
  • Players may not slide head first into a base, except when returning to a base to avoid a tag.
  • Players that slide head first will be called out.
  • Each team is limited to five runs per inning. When the fifth run crosses the plate then that half of the inning is over and play stops. If a defensive team gets three outs before the offensive team gets five runs then that half of the inning is over.
  • All games are six full innings unless the game is shortened because of darkness, inclement weather, or it has reached the time limit.
  • If a batted ball hits the pitching machine or related accessories, the ball will be declared dead and the batter will be awarded first base. All runners forced to advance will do so. No base runners will move other than those forced to advance. Similarly, if a thrown ball strikes the pitching machine or related accessories, the offensive umpire will declare dead ball and award the next base to which runners were advancing at the time.
  • A traditional ball and strike count is not maintained. Walks are not awarded and first base is not awarded if a batter is hit by a pitch. A batter is limited to five pitches that fall within his/her strike zone. Coaches shall not arbitrarily award batters additional pitches/strikes. Additional pitches will be granted if a batter fouls off or foul tips a fifth or succeeding pitch that is not caught by a defensive player. The pitching machines provided by Chantilly Little League shall be used for all games.
  • Once the batter hits a ball in fair territory, the batter and base runners may advance and be put out according to the normal Little League rules of baseball. The ball is dead and no runners may advance when the ball is in the possession of or being thrown to the adult pitcher.
  • Outfielders are required to be at least fifteen feet outside of the infield dirt. No outfielder shall be positioned in such a manner that the player will be able to execute normal infield defensive plays. One example is the right fielder throwing out a batter/runner at first base.
  • A fourth outfielder may be positioned in the outfield in an effort to achieve maximum participation by defensive team players.
  • Two adult coaches are permitted to roam the outfield area, not the infield, during the game and provide coaching instruction to defensive players. All other adults must remain completely off the playing field during games with the exception of the umpires and adult pitcher. An adult coach must be in the dugout at all times.
  • Catchers must use a catcher’s mitt when playing the catcher’s position.
  • There is no infield fly rule.
  • The position of pitcher must be played either to the left or right of the pitching machine. This player must remain behind the pitching machine until the ball has been delivered to the plate. Once the ball has been delivered to the plate, the player may advance to a position in front of the machine.


  • Each team will provide one umpire for the game. The home team will provide the home plate umpire and the visiting team will provide the base umpire.
  • The home plate umpire will take up a position behind home plate and will call plays at home plate and third base. If no umpire equipment is available he may be positioned behind the adult pitcher on the pitcher’s mound.
  • The base umpire will take a position just inside the first base foul line when a runner does not occupy that base and take a position midway between first and second base (outside the base path) when a runner is occupying first base and call plays at first and second base.
  • The home plate umpire will establish the start and finish times of the game and will alert the respective coaches when fifteen minutes of playing time remain.

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