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Coach Selection Process

Chantilly Little League follows a formal process for the selection of all coaches and managers.

Volunteer Requirements
All volunteers applying for a Manager and/or Coaching position must complete and submit the following in order to be considered for a manager or coach position:

  • Chantilly Youth Association Background Check;
  • Little League Volunteer Registration Form; and
  • Little League Volunteer Form.

Each of these is available on the website. Completed application forms in whole or in part, shall not be released beyond the authorized releases cited in this section.

Candidates List
Selection of managers is a critical to the integrity of Chantilly Little League. In addition to those who have volunteered for manager/coach positions, Chantilly Little League will actively seek out those who will reinforce the goals, objectives and philosophy of Chantilly Little League. The process of selecting managers is and should be competitive. Chantilly Little League is committed to instituting a formal procedure that contains both objective criteria and subjective evaluations.

Evaluation Process
The Coaching Coordinator is responsible for compiling a list of candidates. The Coaching Coordinator should compile the list by playing level.


The submitted forms shall be evaluated by the League Vice Presidents and the Coaching Coordinator.

As determined by the League Vice Presidents and the Coaching Coordinator, candidates may be asked to attend an interview. During the interview, the League Vice Presidents and Coaching Coordinator, and others as appropriate as determined by the Coaching Coordinator, will ask questions of the candidate(s) as to their coaching and managerial philosophy, coaching background, etc. to better understand the candidates’ qualifications for a managerial position.

The Coaching Coordinator shall notify the respective candidate(s) of the interview requirement, including the coordination of a suitable location and time for the interview to take place.

Ranking and Evaluating Candidates
All candidates will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Good Sportsmanship and the ability to teach players the same;
  • Desire and ability to develop skills in all players;
  • Knowledge of baseball rules and strategy;
  • Ability to organize practice sessions to maximize instruction;
  • Availability for all/nearly all games and practices;
  • Attendance at prior mandatory training (e.g. PCA, Safety);
  • Whether the candidate is also a manager, or candidate for manager of another managerial job at a different level. If other qualified candidates exist to manage at the level being considered, the candidate may be asked to remove his/her name from consideration at those other levels in order to remain a candidate for the level being considered;
  • Interpersonal skills that foster a positive relationship with team parents, umpires, and opposing players and managers;
  • Prior experience managing and coaching baseball on all levels; and
  • The desire to improve one’s coaching skills by attending Baseball clinics, camps, and seminars.

Additionally, any incidents involving the candidate for whom the candidate received an official reprimand or other punishment will be considered.

No manager has tenure. All managers are re-evaluated before every season.

Selection of Candidates
Based on the criteria above, the League Vice President, with input from the Coaching Coordinator, will present the list of recommended candidates to the League President for appointment. The Board of Directors will then review the list of recommended appointees for approval.
All discussions on candidates shall be kept confidential. Failure to do so will result in sanctions as determined by the Board of Directors.

Notification of Candidates
The League Vice President will notify the selected respective candidates. It is important that candidates that were selected are notified first to confirm that they still want the job.

Non-Selection of Candidates
The Coaching Coordinator will notify those candidates which were not selected.


Managerial candidates not selected are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the Chantilly codes of conduct in regards to sportsmanship and high quality standard of conduct, especially if they maintain an interest in being selected as an Assistant Coach. Behavior detrimental to the League either in word or deed will not be tolerated in the event that that an individual has not been selected to a managerial post.

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